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It is important to wear the correct dance wear and shoes to your dance class. Not only is it necessary for safety reasons, but it is an important part of the dance etiquette. Wearing the correct attire to any group or club from Brownies to Karate, helps you to feel part of the group and puts you in the right frame of mind for what you are about to take part in, and it is the same for dance.

YDC Dancers are expected to wear the following to class.

All uniform can be purchased or ordered from us at the school.

Our Class uniform consists of the following:

Ballet, Tap, Theatre Craft, Musical Theatre

Black ruched front leotard  (Pale pink for baby and Mini classes)

Black Circle skirt (Pale pink for baby and Mini classes)

Pink ballet socks or tights 

Hair suitably tied back.

Acro Dance, Freestyle, and Dance Troupe

Black leotard or YDC Crop Top/Sports bra YDC vest for boys

Black Shorts 

Black or tan footless tights or YDC leggings

Bare feet (Jazz shoes may be worn for Freestyle

Dance shoes

Pink Leather ballet shoes (Black for boys) with elastic attached

Black low heel tap shoes with hell taps fitted.

Black slip on Jazz shoes

Yelo Dance Company logo items

T-shirts, Hoodies, Crop tops, Leggings are all available to order from the school.

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